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Blood Bank of Hawaii removes some donation restrictions

People with new tattoos and body piercings, as well as some cancer survivors, may now be eligible to donate blood in Hawaii, Blood Bank of Hawaii officials announced this week. They said thanks to changes in medical research and technology, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration determined these new requirements to be safe for both donors and patients. These changes will help expand the population’s donor pool and better meet hospitals’ needs.

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Scientists chart Papahanaumokukea Marine National Monument’s seafloor

Scientists returned Friday from a 36-day mapping expedition to Papahanaumokukea Marine National Monument in the remote Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. The monument is the largest protected area in the United States, encompassing an area greater than all its national parks combined, yet over half its seafloor has never been mapped in detail due to the limited availability of the advanced sonar systems required.

Police address cyber crime, gun issues

They operate out of foreign countries and often from the mainland, gleaning personal information and using it to file people’s taxes for them. Most people would be glad for a helping hand around tax time, but not when the preparer diverts the return to a different address and cashes in.

Palamanui campus construction ‘on track’

Construction of Hawaii Community College at Palamanui is moving ahead, with the pouring of concrete columns and foundations. This foundation work began last week and is expected to be completed at the end of April by the project’s general contractor F&H Construction, said Thatcher Moats of Hawaii Community College’s external affairs and relations.