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The little “o”

Oranges get no respect. Since they are around most of the time, we take them for granted. We squeeze out their juice and throw away the magnificent peel. We prefer the brightly colored orbs and shun those with brownish-greenish marks, not knowing that color has no effect on their deliciousness. Did we ever take time to learn that the orange is not named for its color? Indeed, the name is derived from the sanscrit, naranga, which means “fragrant.” And not many plants can carry this year’s fruit and next year’s flowers (which smell like gardenias) at the same time.

Garden hosting annual Grow Hawaiian Festival

The 11th annual Grow Hawaiian Festival at Amy B.H. Greenwell Ethnobotanical Garden is a special event for plant lovers. This is a place where you can meet Hawaiian herbal practitioners, professional horticulturists, taro farmers, weavers, botanists and entomologists as well as master gardeners and a host of others whose lives revolve in one way or another around the plants and culture of Hawaii. The plant and cultural experts and enthusiasts gathered will offer information at display tables, giving demonstrations, providing hands-on activities or answering questions at this free event from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Saturday at the garden in Captain Cook.

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Special pupu for two… or more

Valentine’s Day is usually considered a romantic, “couples” occasion. But sometimes a special “dinner for two” is just not possible. From a shortage of babysitters to a budget crunch, this year’s V-Day might need to be another family day. But it doesn’t have to be dull: find a red tablecloth, sprinkle some heart confetti on top, and light some candles. There’s no need to fuss with a fancy dinner. Make a family favorite, but start with a few special pupu that will please cupids of all ages. The following recipes can all be prepared in advance or in just a few minutes.