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Tasting the wide range of local products

Meat eaters in Hawaii, usually choose common cuts of beef or pork to barbecue or use in Hawaiian dishes such as laulau or kalua pig and cabbage. We seldom eat less popular cuts which are rarely available. Consider brains, pancreas, feet, tongue, cheek and the more available liver. Often these “off cuts” are made into delicious dishes including head cheese, sweetbreads and pate, or pickled and smoked. Even the intestines can be used for sausage casings and the stomach as well as heart, lungs and liver of an animal is used for the Scottish national dish, haggis.

Look to the garden for meal ideas

Most people eat meals based on recurring themes. This is because meal planning is based on factors such as culture, diet, where you live and what you enjoy eating. Rather than stay in a rut, next time you are at the grocery store or farmers market, buy something different and learn to make a dish from it. You might also try growing something different in your own garden.

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