Sunday | June 26, 2016
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Notes from the jungles of Sarawak, Borneo, and Malay Peninsula

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We have been in Sarawak, on the island of Borneo, for a few weeks and now head to Singapore for a meeting of the International Palm Society. What a contrast from the wilds of Borneo to one of the most modern and spectacular tropical cities of the world. Much of Singapore is squeaky clean with immaculate landscaping. Almost as though Disney had a hand in the planning. Still there are old historic parts of this island city and many beautiful gardens. Being on the equator the weather is much more hot and humid than we are used to in Hawaii. The most noticeable difference from other tropical cities is that there are no homeless, no graffiti, no trash and the city has very strict regulations to keep it that way.

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    Senior ID card event canceled

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    When muggy, hot summer afternoons motivate you to be anywhere but in the kitchen, turn to salads for quick, easy to make, satisfying dinners. The addition of protein will fill you, while fresh, cold greens will chill you. A lighter meal can also be eaten later, when the sun is setting and temperatures drop a bit. Salads are also portable, so if the beach beckons.

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    Senior ID cards issued

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    Sunlight illuminates a puu in Waikoloa. Adam Atwood/Community Contributor

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    When it comes to Hurricanes, there’s an old sailor’s saying, “June—too soon, July, standby, August, a must, September, remember, October, all over, but November, still remember” The hurricane season is upon us in Hawaii and it’s time to take precautions in the garden. Now that we are traveling the jungles of Sarawak Borneo we are actually in an equatorial zone that is considered free of tropical cyclones, typhoons or hurricanes. The forests are very ancient with trees reaching gigantic proportions of 150 feet and more. The understory is rich with palms, ferns and a vast number of species some of which have not even been named. The biggest threat to these forest ecosystems is expanding timber cutting and agriculture for oil palm plantations.

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    Many of us are familiar with the saga of state-run hospitals in Maui County, including Maui Memorial Medical Center, Kula Hospital and Clinic, and Lanai Community Hospital. Their operations have been losing vast quantities of money over an extended period of time, including more than $43 million in 2014. Our lawmakers, with the support of the Maui mayor and council, decided in 2015 that enough was enough. Act 103 allowed Maui Memorial’s operations to be privatized. Kaiser Permanente was selected to run the facilities, and it signed an agreement Jan. 14, 2016.

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    “My Daughter, Sawol”

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    As summer rains start, you might want to consider adding some attractive moisture-loving plants to your garden. Ferns are always a good candidate where you have a little shade and sufficient water. The indigenous palapalai is an excellent fern choice. It is a good ground cover and can provide a nice border or fill an area under trees with its soft textured greenery.

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    A turtle rests on the beach at Kukio. Stephen Hinkley/Community Contributor

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    Stroke survivor support group meets

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    An old koa tree clings to life near Mana Road. Denny Miller/Community Contributor

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    A jacaranda tree displays its purple blossoms in Puuanahulu. Kim Snodgrass-Holmes/Community Contributor

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    Conquer the math monster

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    A double rainbow appeared over Holualoa Tuesday. Elaine Morrison/Community Contributor

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    VFW schedule announced