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Gardening to satisfy the Paleo palette

With lots of tasty food available, advice on what one should eat is everywhere. Our current eating patterns are raising real health concerns about increases in obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Last October, Time magazine told us in “How to Eat Now” that we should be making food at home from fresh ingredients for optimal health. Michael Pollan keeps reminding us to stay away from the inner aisles of the supermarket where thousands of edible products lurk that contain questionable ingredients. All while the demand for food that is organically grown increases daily. People are paying more attention to what they eat.

Earth-friendly farming the natural way

Natural farming refers to an ecological farming approach that is environmentally friendly, with respect for life and nature. Principally, it minimizes human labor, and includes an avoidance of manufactured inputs and equipment.

Sourcing rules can yield strange results

All state income tax systems in the United States, including ours, have a set of rules that are used to figure out which state has the primary right to tax income. For example, most tax systems provide that rent from real property is sourced at the location of the property, so if a couple in Florida rents out a property they own on Maui, they can expect to pay our general excise tax and our net income tax on that rent. These sourcing rules, which do vary by state but are relatively consistent across state lines, are there to assure consistent and fair treatment between states.

Wailoa Center hosts miniatures show

Wailoa Center’s Fountain Gallery will present the Minihune Miniatures Club display opening from 5 to 7 p.m. Feb. 6. “Any Town, Anytime” is an exhibit where attendees can see a 1950s peddler’s cart with 15 cent hot dogs next door to a modern day tea shop, around the corner from a Victorian conservatory and just down the street from the Craftsman style house that belongs to a rock ‘n’ roll witch. This collection of creative shops and houses combines different eras, occupations and fantasies.

Chamber ensemble performing in February

Ohrlando’s Chamber Ensemble will offer the last concerts of the winter season in February. Mary Collier (on violin and Jing Jing Tsong on violoncello will join Roland Maurer on oboe and bassoon and Ursula Hesse on harpsichord for a Baroque and early classic program. A collection of sonatas and concert pieces from the 18th century in varied combinations of instruments will be performed by the four musicians. Music from Italian, French, German and also Bohemian composers are planned.

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Soup saves the day

When I’ve had a tough day, I hunger for a steamy bowl of nourishing soup. It’s just plain comforting. Besides warmth and good flavor, soup offers convenience. It can be made in advance, so I don’t have to fuss when I’m tired, and it often tastes better the next day.

The 10 percent solution

Lately, the City and County of Honolulu rail surcharge has had lots of press coverage because the rail project is now likely to cost much more than anticipated. To fund the overages, the city and county is prepared to ask the Legislature for an extension of the surcharge.