Friday | October 28, 2016
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Island Life: 10-28-16

| Oct 28 2016 - 12:05am | Comments

​Heller’s barracuda are schooling just south of Honokohau Harbor. (Bo Pardau/Communtiy Contributor)

  1. | Posted: Oct 8 2016 - 12:05am

    A bumblebee collects pollen from a zinnia in Kapaau. (Adam Atwood/Community Contributor)

  2. | Posted: Oct 8 2016 - 12:05am

    Rotary clubs announce upcoming speakers

  3. | Posted: Oct 7 2016 - 12:05am

    Hawaii State Public Library System unveils new website

  4. | Posted: Oct 6 2016 - 5:39pm

    Water flows over rocks along the coast near Keahole Point. (Bo Pardau/Community Contributor)

  5. | Posted: Oct 6 2016 - 12:05am

    Tutu’s House hosts nutritional excellence webinar

  6. | Posted: Oct 6 2016 - 12:05am

    A bird perches at Waialea Beach, also known as Beach 69, in Puako. (Lou Bonkowski/Community Contributor)

  7. | Posted: Oct 5 2016 - 12:05am

    The sun rises at Waipio Valley. (James Grenz/Community Contributor)

  8. | Posted: Oct 5 2016 - 12:05am

    KTA fundraiser benefits Boys &Girls Club of the Big Island

  9. | Posted: Oct 4 2016 - 12:06am

    A Hawaiian day octopus and a manybar goatfish were spotted in Pawai Bay. Bo Pardau/Community Contributor

  10. | Posted: Oct 4 2016 - 12:06am

    STEM Academy Exhibition today

  11. | Posted: Oct 4 2016 - 12:05am

    Pumpkins have their moment every October. We all know the virtues of eating pumpkin: abundant anti-cancer beta-carotene, vitamin A, low calories, some iron, and a good dose of potassium for blood pressure regulation. This month you can find pumpkin in everything from waffles to pasta, coffee drinks and ice cream. If that’s not enough, here comes National Pumpkin Pie Day, which falls on Wednesday, October 12 this year. Pumpkin pies are easy to purchase in stores, but usually contain some questionable ingredients for shelf life stability. Why dilute the healthy benefits of pumpkin? I recommend you make your own. And if you, like me, have never been a big fan of pumpkin pie (it’s a texture thing) you can still create a pumpkin dessert that will be a worthy contribution to the festivities. I’ve rounded up a few to try.

  12. Posted: Oct 3 2016 - 2:53pm

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  13. Posted: Oct 3 2016 - 12:05am

    Every Kid in a Park pass provides free access for fourth-graders

  14. Posted: Oct 3 2016 - 12:05am

    A boat sails at sunset. Suzy Coyne/Community Contributor

  15. | Posted: Oct 2 2016 - 12:05am

    Our Department of Transportation (HIDOT) was recently in the news because it won a $4 million federal grant to come up with a “reimagining” of the taxes we currently pay to support our highways and bridges. (Although we still had to come up with $1.5 million in matching funds.) What does this mean for all of us?