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One stroke of the pen

One stroke of the pen. That’s all it takes to undo a very large amount of work. Today we will follow the saga of House Bill 2427 in this past legislative session.

Many Australian natives prove drought resistant

What do Australia, New Caledonia and Hawaii have in common? Australia and New Caledonia are thought to be part of the great continent known as Gondwanaland and hold some of the most ancient species of plants and animals known today. Surprisingly, even though Hawaii is about the youngest real estate around, the ancient species thus far introduced prove to be very hardy. Many are found to be extremely drought tolerant.

Plant reproduction: sexual and asexual propagation

Sex acts are taking place in your garden. The birds, bees and the flowers in the trees are all involved. Flowers are the sexual organs of plants. Their blooming periods, as well as their attractive colors, alluring shapes and provocative fragrances all serve to attract pollinators. Getting the right bird or bug in the right place at the right time is paramount to the continuation of the plant species.

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Konawaena Middle School sets schedule pickup

Students attending Konawaena Middle School may pick up their schedules on the following dates in the high school cafeteria: grade seven, July 17; grade eight and families with two or more children, July 18; and grade six with last names A-K, July 21 and last names L-Z, July 22. Times are 8 to 10:30 a.m. and noon to 3 p.m. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to complete the following school forms: emergency card, bus application, lunch application, agriculture survey and more.

Kailua-Kona Independence Day Parade winners announced

A large crowd of spectators welcomed 67 entries at the 19th annual Kailua-Kona Independence Day Parade with its theme, “United As One!” and witnessed a fireworks show over Kailua Bay. The Kailua-Kona Community Parade Association announced that the following entries have been awarded certificates:

Cool the day with chilled soups

Soup may be the last thing on your mind on a hot day. But a chilled, no-cook soup might just make the perfect light lunch or supper, and it’s an extra bonus when you don’t have to turn on the stove. The classic gazpacho, a refreshing chilled soup that originated in southern Spain, requires no cooking. You simply puree fresh ingredients — usually tomato, bell pepper, celery, onion and vinegar or citrus — until slightly chunky, and serve chilled. One of my favorite variations is to use half tomato and half watermelon in the gazpacho. What could be easier?