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Parker dedicates flagpoles

January 7, 2014 - 10:28am

On Dec. 12, Parker School held dedication ceremonies for two new flagpoles it received from community member and Parker grandparent Woodson Woods. One flagpole stands in front of the main school building on the upper campus and the other in the middle of the lower school’s circular driveway.

As a nod to the school’s main building, formerly Barbara Hall, and theater serving the Marines of Waimea’s Camp Tarawa between 1943 and 1945, Marine Sergeant Robert Strickland, chairman and CEO of Camp Tarawa Foundation, played the bugle during the ceremony. Camp Tarawa Sergeant at Arms Kathy Painton also attended the event.

Middle and upper school students closed the ceremony with “Malana Mai,” a chant written by Queen Emma.

Woods, a Navy veteran, said it is important for young people to understand what the United States flag represents and hopes his gift conveys that importance.

“The important thing is to remember the heritage of our country, particularly the representative icons, the most important of which is the American flag,” Woods said. “(Students) have to remember where the flag is coming from. The flag represents the United States of America, and in turn, represents the younger generations coming up through the ranks to study and understand (our heritage).”

Headmaster Carl Sturges said, “While we’ve always flown the American and Hawaii state flags, they’ve been rather small and just attached to the front porch. These new flagpoles are a great indication of how much we value our country and our state. Mr. Woods has really gone above and beyond with his generous gift.”

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