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Licensee sanctions | Through February 2014

March 17, 2014 - 12:05am

Editor’s note: This log of disciplinary actions taken against Hawaii Island individuals and entities with state professional and vocational licenses is a regular feature of West Hawaii Today. It is compiled from summaries released by the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs and various state boards and commissions, and complaint information from the state Regulated Industries Complaint Office.

Contractors License Board

• KJ Walk Inc. and Warren J. Israelson allegedly used unlicensed people for drywall installation and carpentry work on Building C of the Hualalai Village construction project, as well as for hanging drywall lids and walls on the second floor, and taping and mudding the ground floor. They were fined $1,000.

Board of Nursing

• Big Island resident Jane K. Campbell, formerly known as Jane K. Romeo, Jane K. Powell and Jane K. Evans, engaged in unprofessional conduct by allegedly giving Klonopin pills belonging to a particular patient to another patient who had run out of her medication and was in crisis instead of taking that patient to the emergency room to renew her prescription. Campbell was fined $1,000. She must also attend and complete a continuing education course on medication administration, ethics and principles of professional conduct that’s acceptable to the board.

• Effective Feb. 6, the license belonging to Big Island resident Gail D. Benjamin, also known as Gail B. Kagawa, was revoked. The board approved a settlement agreement where Benjamin allegedly engaged in unprofessional conduct and was unfit or incompetent while working at the Yukio Okutsu Veterans Home from Dec. 15, 2008, through March 12, 2009. Benjamin allegedly received verbal warning for altering the medication and treatment time codes without a supervisor’s approval, hanging the wrong IV on a patient, and not intervening when a resident had not voided for more than eight hours. Her employment there was suspend on Aug. 5, 2009, for administering the wrong insulin to a resident and later failing to document the new order for Levemir insulin. The settlement agreement provided that Benjamin agreed to pay a $1,500 fine and complete a continuing education course on ethics or principle of professional conduct or her license would be automatically revoked.

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