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APAC announces cast for ‘The Hot l Baltimore’

March 28, 2014 - 6:02am

Casting is complete and rehearsal is underway for Aloha Performing Arts Company’s upcoming production of Lanford Wilson’s award winning play, “The Hot l Baltimore.”

Guest director Dick Hershberger has announced his selections for the 15 roles in the show. Victor Lugo will play Bill Lewis, the night desk clerk in the run-down hotel of the title. Tiffany Kutsunai will portray the character known simply as “Girl” because she hasn’t fully decided on her name. Newcomer Linda Flournoy plays Millie, a retired waitress who resides at the hotel. Robin O’Hara takes the role of April Green, a wise-cracking streetwalker, and Cameron Bailey-Bram plays Suzy, the hopelessly romantic hooker. Renee Monell is Mrs. Belotti, mother of a former resident, and Dan Hoof is Mr. Morse. Katz, the hotel’s owner, is played by Bob Haber, and Oxenham, the day desk clerk, is played by Felicity Johnson. Paula Cornwell and Sage Hecht play transient brother and sister Jackie and Jamie, Mark Murdock plays Paul Granger III, in search of his grandfather, and Ernie Gianotti is Suzy’s “john.”

“The Hot l Baltimore” takes place over the course of one day in the lobby of a once grand East Coast hotel that has lost its luster in the wake of America’s transition from rail travel to airplanes. Gerald Lucena has designed a set reflective of the play’s theme of decay. Arlene Araki and Tiffany Kutsunai are producers, and Carol Conner is the costumer. “The Hot l Baltimore” opens April 18 for a three weekend run at the Aloha Theatre in Kainaliu. The show features brief female nudity and is therefore recommended for mature adult audiences. For tickets and more information, call 322-9924.