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Test Kitchen recipe: Weeknight Chicken Enchiladas

Today’s Weeknight Chicken Enchiladas take just a little effort to put together and they’re packed with flavor. You can have them tonight or prep and assemble everything and have for dinner tomorrow or later in the week. Make the filling with any leftover cooked and shredded chicken. A grocery store rotisserie chicken works great.

Top with avocado, then have a little fun

“Why didn’t I think of that?” was my main reaction when I first heard of avocado toast. I have enjoyed and advocated ripe avocado as a bread spread for years. Its creaminess and buttery flavor is ideal on toast in the morning, adding a rich yet healthful element to the breakfast plate. But aside from topping mine with a slice of tomato, that is as far as I took it.

Soup saves the day

When I’ve had a tough day, I hunger for a steamy bowl of nourishing soup. It’s just plain comforting. Besides warmth and good flavor, soup offers convenience. It can be made in advance, so I don’t have to fuss when I’m tired, and it often tastes better the next day.

In India, everybody knows this healthful one-pot dish

We all ask for different things from our food in the name of comfort. We look for that glint of a certain place or time, or of a particular person or group of people. Others of us might look to dishes that skirt the edges of familiarity yet sate a yearning for something new and stimulating: the familiar yet unfamiliar.

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Recipe Finder: Mayonnaise cake

Billie McElroy of Redmond, Ore., was looking for the recipe for the “original” mayonnaise cake. I’m not sure what he meant by “original,” but several readers shared recipes for cakes that contained mayonnaise. All the recipes I received were variations on rich chocolate cakes. The only real difference among them was that some were made from scratch and others used a cake mix as a base. All had mayonnaise as a primary ingredient.

How to make vegetable stock — and why you should

Folks, when the final cattle call comes for that great big roundup in the sky, it’s conceivable that your passage through the gates of pearl will be entirely dependent on your ability to make a good vegetable stock. And, if that is indeed the case, you’re going to be glad you read today’s Prep School.