Wednesday | August 31, 2016
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Subscription Rates

Local Home Delivery Subscriptions
One Month$14.95
3 Months$44.85
6 Months$87.90
One Year$149.50


EZ Pay (SAVE with Auto Renewal!)
One Month$12.95
3 Months$38.85
6 Months$77.70
One Year$129.50


Full Digital Access Subscriptions (includes e-Edition!)
One Month$11.95
One Year$119.50


e-Edition New & Renewing Subscriptions
One Month$5.95
One Year$59.50

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Single Copy Sales -Daily $.75 Sunday $1.50


Mail Subscriptions:

Island Of Hawaii (Periodical Class)

One Month$14.00
3 Months$42.00
6 Months$84.00
One Year$168.00

Neighbor Islands and Mainland (Periodical Class)
For Mainland deliveries allow 3 to 6 weeks; Periodical Class

One Month$16.00
3 Months$48.00
6 Months$96.00
One Year$192.00

Mainland & U.S. Canada (First Class)

One Month$65.00
3 Months$195.00
6 Months$390.00
One Year$780.00

Mainland & U.S. Canada-(First Class)
Sunday Only

One Month$11.00
3 Months$33.00
6 Months$66.00
One Year$132.00

Pacific Rim-Sunday (First Class)

One Month$33.00
3 Months$99.00
6 Months$198.00
One Year$396.00

Europe-Sunday Only (First Class)

One Month$23.00
3 Months$69.00
6 Months$138.00
One Year$276.00