Today in West Hawaii history | May 15

May 15, 1984: A people’s park, rather than a parking lot, is what year-old Kailua Village Association envisions for Kailua Pier. For the last two months, a six-member committee has been soliciting ideas on improving the pier from state Harbors Division officials, people doing business on the pier and other community groups and individuals. The committee envisions cleaning up and beautifying the pier that would include landscaping with shade trees and “street furniture” to make the pier a relaxing gathering place for visitors and residents.

May 15, 1994: The Board of Land and Natural Resources will approve Hawaii Electric Light Co.’s request for a permit to expand its Keahole Generating Station by default after taking no action on the matter. The decision is a major obstacle cleared by HELCO in its effort to expand its 30-megawatt plant by 56 megawatts. It also voided the interests of three parties in a contested-case hearing.

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Mark Inouye says the Big Island has more heroin addicts than Oahu does, however, Oahu has more cocaine, ice and crack addicts. Inouye added he doesn’t know the reason why heroin use is more prevalent on the Big Island.

May 15, 2004: West Hawaii Today did not publish on this day. May 15, 2004, was a Saturday.