Today in West Hawaii history | March 27

March 27, 1984: Occasional snow showers fell on the summit of Mauna Loa as a curtain of fire fed rivers of rock moving down the northeast slope of the mountain. The flows continue their advance at 400 feet to 600 feet per hour.

March 27, 1994: Ka’u Agribusiness Co. Inc. will initiate employee layoffs beginning in July, a senior company administrator confirmed following the sugar workers’ 121-70 vote March 25 rejecting union endorsed 15 percent pay cuts.

The Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority is to begin a shoreline crossing for two new 54-inch pipelines this month. The piplelines being constructed south of Wawaloli Beach at Keahole Point, will distribute deep seawater from 3,700 feet as well as surface seawater to tenants at the 870-acre facility.

March 27, 1999: West Hawaii Today not did not publish on this day in 1999. March 27, 1999, was a Saturday.

March 27, 2004:West Hawaii Today not did not publish on this day in 2004. March 27, 2004, was a Saturday.

March 27, 2009: Audits questioning doctors’ prescriptions and changed in Medicare rules regarding reimbursements for oxygen are putting a squeeze on medical equipment providers who serve them. Karl Nickel, owner of Ban Nix Home Medical Equipment in Waimea, says patients are paying the price now by not getting equipment that their doctors say they need, but that Medicare prevents them from getting. Businesses will also end up paying a price in the future because they are required by Medicare rules to fill patient’s oxygen canisters without reimbursement.

Some 30 volunteers, led by National Park Service staff and its partner group Na Papa Kanaka o Puukohala, help to rebuild Mailekini Heiau. Mailekini and Puukohola heiau were destroyed by the October 2006 earthquakes off Kiholo. It is part of a $6 million effort to rebuild the heiau as well as the home site of Kamehameha’s British adviser John Young, a farm enclosure near Puukohala National Historic Site headquarters, maintenance building and visitor center.

Firefighters moved back into their Captain Cook Fire Station following a three-month relocation while the station underwent renovations and repairs. The work brought bathrooms up to Americans with Disabilities Act requirements and removed asbestos.

March 27, 2013: After nearly three decades of planning, lawsuits, Supreme Court action, community activism, bankruptcy, foreclosure, discussion, and, finally agreement, the development of Kohanaiki is nearing fruition. Kohanaiki Shores LLC will begin selling luxury units on April 1.

After West Hawaii Today questions a fundraiser planned in Kailua-Kona that would have charged $500 to $1,000 per person, Hawaii County Councilman Zendo Kern cancels the event. He said the decision to cancel was because his of his busy council schedule.

A retired Los Angeles Police Department homicide detective admits to intentionally beating his wife to death in their Ka’u home in 2008. In a plea deal with prosecutors, Daniel Dejarnette Jr. pleaded guilty to manslaughter while under extreme mental or emotional distress. He faces up to 20 years in prison when sentenced in May.

A gnarly single-day surf session in October has put Big Island resident Shane Dorian in position to win $85,000 in prizes at the Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards, and perhaps a world record for a paddle-in wave by setting a new mark. Dorian received nominations for four award categories.