Today in West Hawaii history | June 3

June 3, 1984: State officials have cleared the way for construction of an abalone aquaculture demonstration module adjoining the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii Authority at Keahole Point in North Kona, Gov. George Ariyoshi announces. Hawaii Abalone Farms of Monterey, Calif., has received DLNR permission to sublease 21 acres near NELH to set up the ommercial demonstration abalone aquaculture module.

June 3, 1994: Hawaii County has moved closer to receiving 4,460 acres of former Hamakua sugarcane land as settlement for rollback taxes, yet some area farmers are uncertain how it will be used. A resolution authorizing Mayor Stephen Yamashiro to sign a settlement reached with creditors of Bankrupt Hamakua Sugar Co. Inc. was unanimously adopted by the Hawaii County Council on June 2. The land would serve as settlement for $18.3 million in real property taxes levied when the agricultural property prematurely became fallow.

June 3, 2004: Visitors are again flocking to see lava enter the sea at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Park spokeswoman Mardie Lane said about 1,200 visitors are walking more than a mile to the area where lava from the Puu Oo vent is reaching the ocean, causing plumes of steam and white smoke at the newly formed shoreline. According to the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, lava has worked its way through tubes northeastward across the beach and along the base of the sea cliff, creating a new lava delta about 300 feet along shore and some 60 to 100 feet outward.

Hawaii County Council members this week defeated legislation that would allow voters to decide whether money should be set aside for public access, open space and natural resources. In spite of a unanimous vote at committee level two weeks ago, council members on June 1 cast the 5-4 vote to defeat the bill.

Despite warnings they were making a mistake, council members opt to withhold funding for an East Hawaii sort station when they took up the 2004-05 budget a final time on June 2.