Today in West Hawaii history | April 3

April 3, 1984: Mayor Herbert Matayoshi orders department heads to draw up plans just in case a lava flow from Mauna Loa hits Hilo. Despite gearing up, Matayoshi emphasized that the best thing at this time is to remain calm. Matayoshi also asks Hawaiian leaders to make religious offerings in hopes of appeasing Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess.

April 3, 1994: A Captain Cook resident files suit to halt the approval of a golf course subdivision because he said the way in which it was being approved is illegal. John Olson, an attorney who lives adjacent to Kealakekua Development Corp.’s 11,184-acre project, is suing the Hawaii County Council, Hawaii County Planning Commission, the developer and county administration. Olson says Planning Commission approval of the project was improper because it considered three interrelated applications as a single item, and then at the end of the meeting decided on them separately.

Mayor Stephen Yamashiro asks the Hawaii County Council to approve a $50,000 funding transfer that would be used to improve Mana Road, a 41-mile road that the county may not own. The four-wheel drive road circles the eastern slope of Mauna Kea between Saddle Road and Waimea. Ownership of the road is not clearly defined, however, the county has accepted the role of maintaining Mana Road.

April 3, 2004: West Hawaii Today did not publish on this day in 2004. April 3, 2004, was a Saturday.