Police remind motorists of mo-ped drivers’ rights

Hawaii Island police are reminding the public about laws pertaining to the use of mo-peds on county and state highways.

Every person operating a mo-ped on a roadway shall be granted the same rights as any other motor vehicle. If a mo-ped is traveling at less than the normal speed of traffic moving in the same direction, it shall ride as far right on the roadway as practicable.

Where provided — and not prohibited — mo-peds drivers shall use the bicycle lane.

A mo-ped rider when coming to an intersection will occupy the designated lane specific to its intended movement and has the same rights as any other motor vehicle in that lane.

Eyewear is required when operating a m-oped. A Hawaii state driver’s license is required. No person younger than 15 is permitted to operate a mo-ped on a state highway or public property.

When several mo-peds are riding on the roadway together, they must travel in a single file.

No passengers are allowed on a mo-ped, with the exception of a three-wheeled mo-ped designed to seat a passenger.