Wake-Up with Movies

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Leilani Estates, 13-3545 Maile St, Pahoa, HI
Extension Center Hawaii
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If you have ever felt a desire to find a way to make your path to Enlightenment more fun, here it is: watch movies with us! Metaphysical and forgiveness themes will be the focus and you are invited to watch with an earnest desire to go inward and gain insights into the very heart of your Soul. Insights from Armelle and Jason are offered and shared as a way to expand our consciousness and experience the meaning and depth of our Inner Self. Our intention is to allow emotions to come up as we watch, and to release the unconscious beliefs and interpretations which prevent us from having an experience of constant Peace and Joy. There is a way to watch movies that leads to a way of observing the events and scenes and scripts of the world: with forgiving eyes. And true forgiveness always leads to peace of mind and non-judgement. Come and gain a new perspective!

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