Rainwater Harvesting Class

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117 Keawe St.. Hilo, HI 96720
Hawaii Innovation Center at Hilo
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-Homeowners, farmers, gardeners on or off the grid.
-Anyone considering a career change, skills enhancement, or green job in the emerging green economy.
-Anyone concerned about Hawaii's water supply.

Green Collar Technologies hosts classes for you to become aware of our water supply needs and how to address this in your home and land.We will help you better understand the requirements for getting started as well as specific techniques. You'll know the best approaches for your climate and budget in an easy to understand presentation. When this class is over you will have the basic know-how to install a rainwater harvesting system for a variety of applications.

Class agenda includes: Rainwater Harvesting historical perspective, local water supply legal considerations, how to collect and store rainwater (system sizing/design), filtration, treatment, uses, and a question and answer session with instructor.

All the concepts introduced will be explained in a useful manner. Real-world implementations, total cost of ownership, and "gotchas" will be explained in an effort to save you time and money.

Owning your own water supply is affordable and easy to get started. $10

To register or for more information email Jennifer at jenniferjangles@gmail.com or call 896-7656