The Guardians

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Painting the Guardians is a very personal experience for me. They have a powerful and loving presence that feels incredibly big, and exudes unconditional love. It has been a spiritual journey for me and a life changing journey to create this artwork. To my own Guardians and Spirit Guides I am filled with gratitude, for I know they are with me all the time. I began painting the Guardians about a year after I moved to Hawaii, much to my surprise, as I was painting in a totally different style when I lived in California in the Bay area. Though I have refined and polished the style of the work over the years, I am still just as fascinated with the Guardians as I was years ago.
The pieces are always a challenge. I may have something firmly in mind, and then watch the painting take off in a direction of its own.  I have learned to just let this happen and enjoy the ride. Usually they require a very large canvas, typically about 3 foot by 7 foot, and are made of over fifty layers of transparent and metallic glazes. I don't title the series, they are just "The Guardians," and are numbered for my records.  I refrain from giving them a title because I believe that the viewer will have their own personal interaction with "The Guardians."