Geology and Native Plants Of Honokohau

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75-138 Hualalai Road Kailua Kona
Kailua Kona Public Library
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Mark Solien, geologist, will give a presentation that takes the audience on a tour of the geology and native plants of the Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park. He will explain what the park region must have looked like when the Hawaiians first saw it, and provide information on the use of this site. The park was established for the preservation, protection and interpretation of traditional native Hawaiian activities and culture. Kaloko-Honokohau is the site of an ancient Hawaiian settlement which encompasses portions of four different ahupua'a, or traditional sea to mountain land divisions. Resources include fishponds, kahua (house site platforms), ki'i pohaku (petroglyphs), holua (stone slide), and heiau (religious site).