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Gathering of Guardians

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013 - 06:30
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55-3435 Akoni Pule Hwy Hawi
Living Arts Gallery
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PRESS RELEASE: "Gathering of Guardians" by Connie Firestone at the Living Arts Gallery
Connie Firestone, artist and interior designer for over thirty years, and one of the founding members of the Living Arts Gallery artist collective since 2009, welcomes you to a "Gathering of Guardians," on display during January and February at the Living Arts Gallery in Hawi.  This show of her paintings is a numbered series of images from the other side, shadowy figures barely visible through the veil that separates the worlds. Luminous, multi-layered, and elegantly simple at first glance, these paintings provide a glimpse to another dimension. Connie will available to talk story with you on Saturday afternoons in January and February, with a special "Open House"  on Saturday, January 12th and 19th, from
2 - 5 pm.  The Living Arts Gallery is located at 55-3435 Akoni Pule Highway, and is open daily from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm.
Connie began this unique style of painting, in which she creates over fifty layers of transparent metallic and acrylic glazes on canvas,  about thirteen years ago.  It was a dramatic departure from her earlier work which included teaching realistic figure drawing and portraiture at the college level. In her words, "When I moved to Hawaii fourteen years ago I was painting in a primitive style that had been very successful in the Bay Area (California), and I assumed that I would continue in that venue with a Hawaiian slant.  After about a year (and to my surprise), I painted the first of "The Guardians."  I was drawn to it immediately. So strongly that it was more like an obsession, and though I have refined and polished the style of the work over the years, I am still just as fascinated with "The Guardians" as I was years ago.  The pieces are always a challenge. I may have something firmly in mind, and then watch the painting take off in a direction of its own. I have learned to just let this happen and enjoy the ride.  They turn out the way they are supposed to and always go to the person that they are meant to be with.  I don't title any of the individual paintings in this series, they are just "The Guardians", and are numbered for my records. 
"The Guardians" appear differently in different lighting, and depending upon the angle at which they are viewed, which makes for a very personal and interactive experience.  Depending on the light, various colors and sheen will be reflected to the viewer. Connie avoids titling the individual paintings because she believes, "a title tells the viewer what to see and these are very personal pieces. The viewer will have their own reaction and response, as it should be."
When asked to to talk about about "The Guardians," Connie replies, "It has been a spiritual journey for me and a life changing journey to create this artwork.  And to my own guardians and spirit guides, I am filled with gratitude, for I know they are with me at all times."'  Her wish is that "these paintings bring you (the viewer) to peace, comfort and and sense of connection to all that is." 
The Guardians are exculsively shown at the Living Arts Gallery in Hawi. For more information please contact the gallery at 808.889.0739 or visit www.livingartsgallery.net  and select Connie Firestone from the Featured Artists.