Sustainability measure advances

Prospects are good that a bill will pass this legislative session allowing experimental sustainability communities in Maui and Hawaii counties, following the appointment of a House-Senate conference committee and dismissal of ethics charges against the bill’s sponsor.

Stowaway teen to Maui forces review of airport security

SAN JOSE, Calif. — A 15-year-old boy found his way onto an airport’s tarmac and climbed into a jetliner’s wheel well, then flew for five freezing hours to Hawaii — a misadventure that forced authorities to take a hard look at the security system that protects the nation’s airline fleet.

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Hilo’s Carvalho signs with Hustlin’ Owls

Basketball has always been Jalen Carvalho’s passion, but his second sport fits in with his family’s motto: “In baseball as in life all of the important things happen at home.”

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