Friday | February 12, 2016
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Volcano Update

2016-02-07 01:30

In 1880-1881, a lava flow from Mauna Loa came very close to entering Hilo Bay. In trying to reconstruct the timeline of this flow for a recent Volcano Awareness Month presentation, we tracked down many old place names mentioned in newspaper reports of the lava’s progress. One such name that came up repeatedly is Kalanakamaa gulch (“kahawai o Kalanakamaa”).

Local news

Local Sports

2016-02-12 01:30

It’ll be a really long day before one of the best races — event No. 21, the 100-yard girls breaststroke — grabs the spotlight at the HHSAA state swimming and diving championships on Saturday at Kamehameha’s Naeole Pool.

Local Features

2016-02-12 01:30

An exotic wood carving acquired a pair of live earings when two geckos perched on the side of its head. Laurie Sigel/Community Contributor


2016-02-12 13:46

My wife and I own a modest home that we also use for a vacation rental ( and/or as do over 2,500 other Hawaii residents. We do not choose to rent it out frequently but when we do it is always enjoyable for both of us as well as our guests. We have had guests from all over the world and create lasting friendships with many of them. They get to have a Hawaiian experience they would never have in a north Kona hotel. We share our aloha, culture and knowledge which leaves a lasting impression.

Nation & World

2016-02-12 10:38

LONDON — Scientists are “weeks, not years” from developing a test for the fast-spreading Zika virus, but large-scale clinical trials for a potential vaccine are at least 18 months away, the World Health Organization announced Friday.


2016-02-12 01:30

LOS ANGELES — Warner Music Group and others who fought to hold the copyright on “Happy Birthday to You” have given up their claims to the popular song, according to the terms of a proposed settlement deal that signals the end of a contentious three-year dispute.