Tuesday | July 26, 2016
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2016-07-26 00:06

Dorothy Williams waves goodbye to Pomaikai Senior Center seniors a few days before she head to Hollywood. Williams, 90, made national headlines earlier this month when she performed a comedic striptease on “America’s Got Talent.” Williams will next appear on the show at 7 p.m. tonight on NBC — not Aug. 2 as previously scheduled — during a live voting episode. She is asking Hilo residents to tune in and vote to help her advance. “I feel I’m a role model for senior citizens so they can keep doing things no matter how old they get or what befalls them in life,” she told the Tribune-Herald.

Arts & Entertainment

2016-07-22 02:15

Naalehu-based classic rock band Bottle of Blue is the up-and-coming favorite in West Hawaii’s live music scene. From the Waikoloa Bowl stage on July 4, to Laverne’s Sports Bar in downtown Kailua-Kona, Bottle of Blue is mixing up classic oldies with fresh contemporary songs.

Local Sports

2016-07-26 00:06

Seniors Softball: Hawaii’s Gold Coast advanced to the semifinals of the Senior Girls Softball Western Regionals in Missoula, Montana on Monday with a 6-3 victory over Oregon (Oregon-California Little League).


2016-07-25 00:05

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2016-07-26 00:05

Oh my goodness, reverend, I just read your letter to the editor July 24. A lot of people immigrated legally into the United States and changed their names, probably in your own family.

Nation & World

2016-07-26 00:05

SAN FRANCISCO — Seeking a wider digital audience, Verizon is buying Yahoo for $4.83 billion in a deal that marks the end of an era for a company that defined much of the early internet but struggled to stay relevant in an online world dominated by Google and Facebook.


2016-07-26 00:05

Summer squash reproduces so energetically that calling it prolific is understating the case. Still, why not take advantage of its bounty? Here I slice the squash into long ribbons and employ it as “pasta.” Use a mandoline (be sure to use the guard that comes with it), although a Y-shaped peeler will also work. The resulting “pasta” is more flavorful and less caloric than pasta itself.