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Hawaii scientists return to ocean for weapon study

HONOLULU — University of Hawaii scientists plan to embark on a final expedition to deep waters off Oahu to study how chemical weapons dumped in the ocean decades ago are affecting seawater, marine life and sediment.

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Bills would tighten tax loopholes

Three of five bills aimed at reducing loopholes and making property tax collections more fair have survived their first reading at the County Council and will be considered a final time when the council meets early next month.

Farmers groups offer support for Amendment 2

Proponents of a state constitutional amendment to allow farmers, ranchers and owners of other agricultural endeavors to request special purpose revenue bonds say the measure won’t cost taxpayers any money.


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Hokulea stories shared with Honokaa students

On Sept. 19 Hokulea navigator Chad Paishon and crew member Leiohu Santos-Colburn came to Honokaa High and Intermediate Agriculture and Culinary classes grades 8-12, to share their experiences on the recent trip to Samoa aboard the Hokulea. Students were also given a glimpse of the proposed World Wide Voyage to take place in the next couple of years and its mission to Malama Honua (Earth).


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