Friday | September 04, 2015
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Arts & Entertainment

2015-09-04 01:30

The Blue Sea Artisans Gallery featured artists for the month of September are photographer G. Brad Lewis and wood turners Parker and Debbie Nicholson.

Local Sports

2015-09-04 01:30

HILO – The game started innocently and awkwardly enough. On the first play Thursday night, Kamehameha’s Israel Bowden deflected a screen pass intended for teammate Tre Evans-Dumaran, who raised his arms as if to say, “Huh?”


2015-09-04 01:31

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Nation & World

2015-09-04 01:30

ANKARA, Turkey — He is one among many, far too many. But the plight of one boy, washed up like a piece of debris on a Turkish beach, has focused the world’s attention on a wave of war-and-deprivation-fueled migration unmatched since World War II.


2015-09-01 09:30

The autumn produce season catches me off-guard every year. As we glide from the hot days of August into the cooler months ahead, we never quite know when the magic moment arrives that we have seen our last bit of fresh summer fruit in the produce aisle. Sure, we can get peaches all year if we insist (and are willing to pay a small fortune), but they just aren’t nearly as delicious.