Wednesday | December 13, 2017
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Volcano Update

2017-12-09 21:53

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays upon us, Hawaii Island residents are likely giving little thought to the volcanic terrain beneath their feet. And that’s all right — for now.

Arts & Entertainment

2017-12-07 09:53

In current times when people crave connection, kindness and community, it’s easy to see why the band Nahko and Medicine for the People has such a strong following of fans, both locally and worldwide.

Local Sports

2017-12-13 00:05

Blustery winds buffeted the ordinarily flat calm waters of the Big Island’s leeward coast on Dec. 5. A northerly gale force wind, with sudden outbursts up to 46 mph stretched and tested the dock lines of the moored vessels at Honokohau Harbor.

Local Features

2017-12-13 00:05

A bougainvillea blooms from atop a stop sign in Kailua-Kona after a shoot found its way up the center of the sign post years ago. (Dinah Rodgers/Community Contributor)


2017-12-11 00:06

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Nation & World

2017-12-12 19:40

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — In a stunning victory aided by scandal, Democrat Doug Jones won Alabama’s special Senate election on Tuesday, beating back history, an embattled Republican opponent and President Donald Trump, who urgently endorsed GOP rebel Roy Moore despite a litany of sexual misconduct allegations.


2017-12-12 00:15

The merriment of the holidays is built on many things: Cheerful wishes of happiness and goodwill from strangers. Cultural memories of sleigh rides across fields of sparkling snow. Even the joy to be found in giving gifts to friends and loved ones.