Wednesday | November 25, 2015
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Volcano Update

2015-11-22 01:31

The surface of Kilauea volcano is rarely stationary. There are a variety of processes that each move or change the shape of the volcano and, when active at the same time, create a complex pattern of ground deformation. Satellite-based Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) has become a key tool during the last two decades to illuminate this complexity.

Local news

2015-11-25 10:12

Olelo Community Media will cablecast the state Public Utilities Commission’s planned 12-day evidentiary hearing on the potential Hawaiian Electric Co.-NextEra Energy merger live and in its entirety.


2015-11-25 01:30

Editor’s note: Obituaries are published free of charge as a public service. The content is subject to editing to ensure parity treatment and style continuity.


2015-11-24 01:31

The residents of our country are reacting with mixed emotions to the refugee situation in Syria. Some favor welcoming those who are displaced while others prefer to consider the safety of our inhabitants first. I think that most of us see both sides of the argument but are leaning toward the safety consideration aspect after viewing the carnage in Paris caused by the militants.

Nation & World

2015-11-25 09:52

WASHINGTON (AP) — American soldiers and airmen who killed and wounded dozens of civilians in a strike on an Afghanistan hospital violated U.S. rules of engagement and have been suspended as they await disciplinary action that could include criminal charges, military officials said Wednesday.


2015-11-25 01:30

BRUSSELS — What police force would start playing along with a practical joke when the capital is facing its highest state of alert and its most-wanted fugitive is still on the run? Right! This is surreal Belgium.