Monday | July 06, 2015
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Local news

2015-07-06 16:39

A Hawaii Island police officer required hospital treatment after being injured while attempting to make a traffic stop in Hilo early Monday morning.

State & Regional

2015-07-06 08:04

WAILUKU (AP) — As Maui Police Department evidence specialist Anthony Earles poured a forensic casting mixture into a shoe print in the dirt, he stressed the importance of starting his work outside to preserve evidence at some crime scenes.

Local Sports

2015-07-06 18:09

As expected, Kolten Wong will have to wait at least another year to become the first Hawaii-born player to start in the All-Star Game.


2015-07-06 00:05

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Nation & World

2015-07-06 07:58

WASHINGTON (AP) — The head of the Pentagon’s new agency in charge of recovering and identifying remains of U.S. war dead said he will push for more partnering with private groups that have resources and interest to help reinvigorate a troubled POW-MIA accounting mission.


2015-07-03 07:31

“Amy” — A documentary about the late singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse, including her rise to fame and her struggles with relationship troubles, media attention and substance abuse. Directed by Asif Kapadia. (2:08) R.