Saturday | October 03, 2015
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Volcano Update

2015-09-27 01:30

Bottled soda, when opened suddenly after shaking, is commonly used as an analogy for volcanic eruptions. Perhaps the first use of this analogy for Hawaiian volcanoes was during the 1899 Mauna Loa eruption, when Sereno Bishop, a missionary with an interest in science, suggested the idea in a letter to the Hawaiian Star newspaper on July 20.

Local news

2015-10-03 20:40

New liquor license fees to be considered Tuesday by the Hawaii County Council Finance Committee will usher in new opportunities for county businesses, officials say.

Arts & Entertainment

2015-10-02 13:40

Hawaii’s ukulele sound is booming nationwide. The popularity of ukulele festivals and community play groups saw the National Association of Music Merchants recently report a 54 percent jump in ukulele sales. For a month beginning Friday at Hilo’s Wailoa Arts and Cultural Center, the Big Island Ukulele Guild will exhibit instruments, share building techniques and invite all to play-a-long kanikapila jam sessions.

Local Features

2015-10-03 01:30

Hula dancers and their kumu perform at Hulihee Palace. Adam Atwood/Community Contributor


2015-10-02 01:31

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2015-10-03 01:30

It was likely embarrassing for the United Nations Human Rights Council when, in a statement released last week and attributed to a group of human-rights experts, it called on Saudi Arabia to immediately halt executions of children. After all, Saudi Arabia is a member of the board.

Nation & World

2015-10-03 01:30

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama said Friday he won’t sign another temporary government funding bill after the current one expires Dec. 11, insisting that congressional Republicans and Democrats work out a long-term budget deal with the White House.


2015-10-02 01:31

Scientists have long blamed a single culprit in the sudden and violent mass extinction that took out the dinosaurs: an asteroid that came screaming out of the skies some 66 million years ago. But it turns out that this asteroid may have had an accomplice.