Tuesday | April 28, 2015
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Local Sports

2015-04-28 00:05

Monday was officially Day 1 for David Matlin as the University of Hawaii’s new athletic director, and contrary to the gloomy outlook many have assessed the job with, a closer evaluation reveals he actually is stepping into a position with many positives already in place.

State & Regional

2015-04-27 08:01

HONOLULU — The University of Hawaii at Manoa medical school could lose its accreditation and its cancer center could no longer have its designation as a federal research center if the university isn’t able to plug a $13 million budget hole, a report and business plan for the institutions has warned.


2015-04-28 00:05

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2015-04-28 00:05

After an inexcusable five-month delay, the Senate last week finally confirmed Loretta Lynch to be attorney general. The vote is definitely good news for the White House and, not incidentally, the Justice Department. What it says about the Senate itself is less certain.


2015-04-28 00:05

When people think barbecue sauce, they usually think something tomato- or vinegar-based. But today, I want to convince you to consider another breed of barbecue — white.