Tuesday | December 01, 2015
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Volcano Update

2015-11-29 01:30

In early November, volcano scientists from Hawaii, Chile, Indonesia, Italy and Japan participated in a workshop at the Mount Fuji Research Institute in Japan. Talks and discussions during the workshop were focused on the best ways to protect tourists in active volcanic areas.

Arts & Entertainment

2015-11-27 02:45

David Gomes’ 40-year career would be the envy of any acoustical instrument maker worldwide. He has received numerous awards, including first place for an instrument in this year’s Hawaii’s Wood Show. He has a near two-year waiting list for his guitars and ukuleles from musicians in Hawaii, the mainland and Japan. Musicians and retailers come from all over the Pacific to his humble shop in Kohala to pick out their own woods for custom guitars and ukulele.

Local Sports

2015-12-01 01:30

HONOLULU — New Hawaii head coach Nick Rolovich said Monday he plans to focus on the bonds his players develop with one another, not on any specific offense or defense, as he tries to bring the Rainbow Warriors back from a losing record.


2015-11-30 01:31

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2015-12-01 01:31

It seems reasonable to assume that driving slower is safer. After all, if you are not moving, you can’t crash. You will never get anywhere either, and you can still be crashed into. While it is true that driving slower reduces severity of accidents there is no evidence that it actually prevents them. Most fatal accidents happen at below 35 mph. This is simply because most driving time is spent below 35 mph, in locations where collisions are likely to occur, like urban intersections.


2015-12-01 01:31

When I was a kid and my mom was throwing dinner parties, I noticed that one of her go-to appetizers was stuffed mushrooms. The fungi in the spotlight were plain old white cultivated mushrooms stuffed with a mixture of buttery chopped mushrooms stems, onions, breadcrumbs and a little dried thyme or cheese. Those button mushrooms seem pretty ho-hum to us today, but back then they were downright exotic, if only because they were the only mushrooms in the store and they fetched a correspondingly serious price.