Saturday | September 05, 2015
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2015-09-05 01:30

Hawaii County Council Chairman Dru Kanuha will be back before the county Board of Ethics on Wednesday, this time on a complaint that he accepted gifts from lobbyists trying to influence official action.

Local Features

2015-09-05 01:30

Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa protrude from the clouds. Suzy Coyne/Community Contributor


2015-09-04 16:01

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2015-09-05 01:30

Despite heroin’s bogeyman status as one of the most dangerous and addictive drugs on the illicit market, the opium-based drug is staging a comeback across America. Mexican traffickers have developed shorter, faster and easier pathways to bring it to our streets.

Nation & World

2015-09-04 12:36

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Hundreds of refugees who have been stuck for days at Budapest’s Keleti train station gathered their belongings and began marching out of the city, vowing to make it to Austria on foot after Hungarian authorities blocked them from boarding Western-bound trains.


2015-09-01 09:30

The autumn produce season catches me off-guard every year. As we glide from the hot days of August into the cooler months ahead, we never quite know when the magic moment arrives that we have seen our last bit of fresh summer fruit in the produce aisle. Sure, we can get peaches all year if we insist (and are willing to pay a small fortune), but they just aren’t nearly as delicious.