Tuesday | July 28, 2015
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Volcano Update

2015-07-26 01:31

During the past four months, the June 27 lava flow, named for the date in 2014 that it began erupting from Puu Oo on Kilauea Volcano’s East Rift Zone, has consisted of small surface pahoehoe flows scattered across a broad area within 5 miles of Puu Oo.

Local news

2015-07-28 15:49

Tropical Depression Eight E continued its westward track Tuesday, on a course to potentially bring some of its effects into the neighborhood of the Big Island by the weekend. The system is expected to be a dissipating remnant low by the time it arrives.

Local Features

2015-07-28 01:30

A man heads out into crashing surf at Pololu Valley. James Grenz/Community Contributor


2015-07-28 01:30

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2015-07-28 01:31

More than 50 countries agreed on Friday to eliminate tariffs on a wide range of technology goods like medical devices, navigation equipment and advanced semiconductors in a trade agreement that should benefit American manufacturers, consumers and the global economy.

Nation & World

2015-07-28 01:30

WASHINGTON — House Republicans rebuffed their Senate counterparts Monday over must-pass highway legislation, setting the two chambers on a collision course days ahead of a crucial deadline in the midst of the summer driving season.