Saturday | May 23, 2015
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2015-05-23 00:05

CARY, N.C. (AP) — Dawn Silsbee and her siblings never knew their Uncle Bert — he died years before they were born. But they saw what his loss did to their family.

Arts & Entertainment

2015-05-22 02:25

Dozens of talented Chamber Orchestra of Kona musicians — all volunteers ranging in age from 10 to 84 — will take the stage May 31 at the Sheraton Kona Resort &Spa at Keauhou Bay to present “Symphonic Sensations!”


2015-05-22 00:05

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2015-05-23 00:05

There is no greater contribution a state can give the nation than the lives of its own. And no state has sent a larger share of its residents to die in conflict since the end of World War II than Hawaii. In honor of Memorial Day, we recognize Hawaii as the best state, for its disproportionate role in making that ultimate sacrifice.

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