Monday | July 27, 2015
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Volcano Update

2015-07-26 01:31

During the past four months, the June 27 lava flow, named for the date in 2014 that it began erupting from Puu Oo on Kilauea Volcano’s East Rift Zone, has consisted of small surface pahoehoe flows scattered across a broad area within 5 miles of Puu Oo.

Local news

2015-07-27 01:30

After years of planning and months of lava-related postponement, construction work on a roundabout at one of the most dangerous intersections in the county is set to begin in August.

Local Sports

2015-07-27 13:33

Jennifer Ching, Lisa Barbas and Gail Judd have been competing in the Huggo’s Wahine Fishing Tournament for 19 years, missing only the first year of the competition in 1996. For the first 18 of those years the trio competed on the family boat, Komohana.


2015-07-27 01:30

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2015-07-27 01:30

In the wake of deadly mass shootings in Charleston, S.C., and Chattanooga, Tenn., the nation finds itself once again debating whether and how to further limit access to firearms. Unfortunately, meaningful change is unlikely in a Congress where fealty to the National Rifle Association and its ridiculous drive for a fully armed America outweighs politicians’ commitments to the safety of the people who elected them. Still, we must continue to push the boulder up the hill and urge Congress to approve two common-sense bills to expand and make existing laws more effective.

Nation & World

2015-07-27 01:30

NAIROBI, Kenya — Declaring Kenya at a “crossroads” between promise and peril, President Barack Obama on Sunday pressed the nation of his father’s birth to root out corruption, treat women and minorities as equal citizens, and take responsibility for its future.