Thursday | August 27, 2015
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Volcano Update

2015-08-23 01:30

In early 1918, visitors swarmed to Kilauea Volcano to see a splendid show. The molten lake in Halemaumau had been rising and the pit was almost full. Soon lava spilled over the crater rim onto the floor of Kilauea’s summit caldera, destroying part of an automobile road, as well as the visitor viewing area near the rim.

State & Regional

2015-08-27 15:01

HONOLULU (AP) — Hawaii Gov. David Ige said Thursday it’s a top priority for Hawaii that the U.S. be able to process Japanese travelers for immigration and customs before they even get on a plane for the islands.

Arts & Entertainment

2015-08-21 13:57

Pole dancing has become one of the hottest fitness trends, and when you watch Kona resident Almitra Karastan perform, you’ll understand why. Pole dance is an art form that combines flexibility, control and grace. Pole dancing has come a long way from its humble beginnings in India and China in the 12th century. Once associated with strip clubs, today it’s becoming a respected performance art that requires strenuous, but fun training for those looking for something more expressive and challenging than a gym workout.

Local Sports

2015-08-27 09:47

A week after the Northern Lights II weighed a 1,075-pound blue marlin, its sister ship, Northern Lights I, weighed a 1,309-pound blue marlin on Wednesday to give Kona its fifth grander of the year, the Big Island its sixth, and the state its seventh. Only four other blue marlin have been caught in the rest of the world this year.

Local Features

2015-08-27 01:30

An owl decoy stands guard over a field of lettuce in Waimea. Adam Atwood/Community Contributor


2015-08-26 01:30

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Nation & World


2015-08-25 01:31

With autumn winking at me from the horizon, Labor Day grilling takes on a whole new significance. I’ve either worked my rusty old charcoal grill to the bone over the summer and I’m looking for something a little different to wrap up the season, or I’m swimming in regret over not grilling enough and I’m looking for a quick, satisfying recipe that will make me feel like I’ve accomplished something this summer.