Tuesday | February 09, 2016
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Volcano Update

2016-02-07 01:30

In 1880-1881, a lava flow from Mauna Loa came very close to entering Hilo Bay. In trying to reconstruct the timeline of this flow for a recent Volcano Awareness Month presentation, we tracked down many old place names mentioned in newspaper reports of the lava’s progress. One such name that came up repeatedly is Kalanakamaa gulch (“kahawai o Kalanakamaa”).

Local news

2016-02-09 19:27

KEALAKEKUA — The case of a South Korean man who allegedly stabbed another South Korean man in a woman’s hotel room on Jan. 27 is advancing, prosecutors said Monday.

Local Features

2016-02-09 01:31

This year for Valentine’s Day, how about lighting your sweetheart’s fire with some definitively spicy edibles? These might pair nicely with a glass of bubbly, too. When you turn up the heat, romantic sparks are likely to ignite. At the very least, you’ll start a conversation…maybe more.


2016-02-08 01:31

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2016-02-09 19:27

America is in love with reality television. There are numerous shows; people trying to survive on remote islands, hillbillies making moonshine in the backwoods and more hillbillies tracking down Bigfoot; shooting guns at night in the forest. UFO hunters are at it as well. For some odd reason aliens from other worlds also prefer the backwoods and landing in remote areas at night. The ghost hunters also work at night, but pretty much stick to old run down houses.

Nation & World

2016-02-09 12:25

BAD AIBLING, Germany (AP) — Crews using helicopters and boats rescued dozens of people from the wreckage of two German commuter trains that crashed head-on Tuesday in an isolated part of Bavaria, killing at least 10 and leaving authorities trying to determine why multiple safety measures failed.