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Early walk-in voting ends Saturday

The General Election is Tuesday and the Office of Elections and the county clerks of Hawaii are sharing the following tips and reminders for voters.

Posting of new placards at Big Island food establishments

The Hawaii District Health Office sanitation inspectors began in October posting color-coded placards based on the state’s recently updated Food Safety Code. Following the completion of each health inspection, a new placard is posted at each food establishment in a location visible to all customers and the public.

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Runnin’ with Rani: Weekend Boo-nanza

It’s Halloween, a time of celebration and superstition that falls yearly on the 31st of October. For many, the annual holiday offers the perfect excuse to crash in on costume parties and haunted houses, dive into pumpkin-carving and apple-bobbing activities, and play silly pranks with the old-fashioned game of trick-or-treat.

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Pupule Pigskin Picks
Pupule Pigskin Picks
Pupule Pigskin Picks
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Golf Challenge
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