Sunday | August 02, 2015
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Volcano Update

2015-08-02 01:31

In the June 25 Volcano Watch, we described how old maps and newspaper articles provide valuable insights into historic accounts of eruptions. By comparing archival material with current observations of volcanic activity, scientists can gain a better understanding of past events and future possibilities for Hawaiian volcanoes.

Local news

2015-08-02 09:06

Guillermo maintained strength as a Category 2 hurricane overnight Saturday, holding fast at 105 mph and even becoming slightly better organized in satellite imagery on Sunday morning.

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Arts & Entertainment

2015-07-31 09:12

A great band is a unique combination of variables that are stronger together than apart. Like a great sports team, or a military unit, it takes everyone involved to create something magical. The Hawaii County Band creates this magic when members come together to provide music for special community functions and concerts for public enjoyment throughout East and West Hawaii.

Local Sports

2015-08-02 01:30

There was screaming, splashing and even some arms flailing at Hapuna Beach State Recreation Area on Saturday, but all the commotion wasn’t an emergency.

Local Features

2015-08-02 01:31

Gardening in midsummer in Kona can be a sweaty task. Unless you have a pool to jump into or can get yourself into the ocean, cooling off after a bout of weeding may not be that easy.


2015-08-01 01:31

Editor’s note: Obituaries are published free of charge as a public service. The content is subject to editing to ensure parity treatment and style continuity.


2015-08-02 01:30

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced in May that he was planning to increase paid maternity leave for sailors from six to 12 weeks. It was one of a number of changes designed to make his branch of the armed forces more attractive to women — and to keep them once they signed up.


2015-07-31 01:05

“Best of Enemies” — A documentary about the infamous 1968 televised clashes between conservative William F. Buckley Jr. and liberal Gore Vidal and how they prefigured contemporary TV punditry. Directed by Morgan Neville and Robert Gordon. (1:27) R.