Sunday | July 05, 2015
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2015-07-05 00:05

Parker Ranch hosted the July 4 Rodeo and Horse Races Saturday morning in Waimea. The 53rd annual event took place in front of a packed grandstand filled with fans from all over the Big Island.

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2015-07-05 00:06

The Hawaii County Police Department is asking for the public’s help in processing court bench warrants.


2015-07-03 11:25

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2015-07-05 00:06

The saga of what some have called the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history passed a milestone on Thursday. BP, the company in charge of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig that exploded a mile above the Gulf of Mexico seafloor five years ago, announced it has reached a comprehensive agreement with the federal government, as well as the states and the municipalities that were affected by the 3 million barrels of oil that gushed into the water.


2015-07-03 07:31

“Amy” — A documentary about the late singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse, including her rise to fame and her struggles with relationship troubles, media attention and substance abuse. Directed by Asif Kapadia. (2:08) R.