Tuesday | April 21, 2015
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Big Island Headlines

  • | Apr 21 2015 - 12:05am

    Lower Puna students who were displaced in October because of the approaching June 27 lava flow will return to their home schools in the fall.

  • | Apr 20 2015 - 8:36am

    The advent of 3-D printers has given even amateur designers and inventors the ability to create projects like never before.

  • | Apr 20 2015 - 12:05am

    The owner of Puna Geothermal Venture has two weeks remaining to file an answer to a complaint alleging it defrauded the federal government of $13.8 million in stimulus funds to cover an expansion at the plant.

  • Apr 20 2015 - 10:17am

    More than 100 people settled on Hale Halawai’s lawn Saturday afternoon for the second annual Kailua Kanikapila Community Concert and Picnic. The lawn was filled with Hawaiian music lovers relaxing on their chairs, mats, the grass and a rock wall while listening to classic songs sung by multiple Na Hoku Hanohano Award winner Darlene Ahuna and her band. As the sun approached setting, traditional Hawaiian music floated over Kailua Bay to the delight of the lounging array of picnic goers who either brought or bought their food for an informal sunset dinner. This community event was sponsored by Kailua Village Business Improvement District, Hawaii Tourism Authority and County of Hawaii.

  • | Apr 18 2015 - 5:45am

    West Hawaii motorists this week paid slightly less for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline, an analysis of GasBuddy.com and AAA data shows.

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Arts & Entertainment

2015-04-17 06:20

“No curtain. No scenery.” This was Thornton Wilder’s simple set directions for his revolutionary, minimalistic production of “Our Town,” which won him the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1938. During an era of elaborate sets and frivolous theatrics, Wilder’s style stood out as original, and “Our Town” became his greatest and best-known work as a playwright. The Aloha Performing Art Company’s production of “Our Town” opens at 7:30 p.m. today at the Aloha Theatre in Kainaliu and runs through May 3.

Volcano Update

2015-04-20 09:31

Kilauea Volcano continued to erupt at its summit and three areas of breakouts remain active in the upslope portion of the June 27 lava flow, the U.S. Geological Survey Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reported Monday morning.

State & Regional

2015-04-21 00:05

HONOLULU — The federal government on Monday proposed removing most of the world’s humpback whales from the endangered species list, saying the massive mammals have rebounded after 45 years of protections.


2015-04-21 00:05

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2015-04-20 00:05

No woman is depicted on U.S. paper currency. This makes our money a bit exceptional among the banknotes of our international peers, several of which — including Britain, Canada, Australia, Japan and Mexico — have emblazoned paper money with various national heroines’ portraits. In this country, suffragist Susan B. Anthony and the Native American explorer Sacagawea grace little-used dollar coins, but it’s not quite the same. So an Internet movement calling itself “WomenOn20s” has started crowd-sourcing the selection of a proposed female replacement for President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill — to be followed by an actual request for a substitution to President Barack Obama. It might actually come to pass. Obama has expressed broad sympathy with the idea, and he has full legal authority, through the secretary of the Treasury, to order a redesign.


2015-04-20 11:17

As kitchen wisdom goes, I often think the best tricks are the simplest. One-pan cooking, for example. The ability to cook an entire meal on a single rimmed sheet pan — an act that leaves you with nothing but that one pan to clean when dinner’s over — to me is nothing short of magic.