Tuesday | August 04, 2015
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Volcano Update

2015-08-02 01:31

In the June 25 Volcano Watch, we described how old maps and newspaper articles provide valuable insights into historic accounts of eruptions. By comparing archival material with current observations of volcanic activity, scientists can gain a better understanding of past events and future possibilities for Hawaiian volcanoes.

Arts & Entertainment

2015-07-31 09:12

A great band is a unique combination of variables that are stronger together than apart. Like a great sports team, or a military unit, it takes everyone involved to create something magical. The Hawaii County Band creates this magic when members come together to provide music for special community functions and concerts for public enjoyment throughout East and West Hawaii.

Local Features

2015-08-04 01:30

Fisher the labrador jumps into a pool in a hot day in Kailua-Kona. Adam Atwood/Community Contributor


2015-08-04 01:30

Editor’s note: Obituaries are published free of charge as a public service. The content is subject to editing to ensure parity treatment and style continuity.


2015-08-04 01:30

I appreciate Tyler Saito’s letter to the editor of July 30, expressing concern about instituting even a partial pay-as-you-throw landfill rubbish program. He can rest assured that unless such a program will save taxpayers substantial money, I, too, will not support such a program. Previously, the data I was given demonstrated that unless we do a pay-as-you-throw landfill rubbish program, we would urgently be facing the need to build a new South Hilo Landfill — which would cost many millions of dollars. To avoid that situation, the Department of Environmental Management and I worked on various scenarios to avoid such a costly dilemma. However, based on a revised assessment by the Director of Environmental Management — there is no longer looming the need for a new landfill in the foreseeable future.